Restoration & repairs


Older houses rarely feature the levels of insulation and damp proofing we take for granted today, so damp walls and recurring mould growth is often a problem.

That’s why Limelite is the clear choice in repair and restoration projects. Because Limelite is breathable it enables damp properties to dry out by allowing moisture movement through the fabric of the walls.

This means you don’t have to wait for the substrate to dry out before plastering it as you would with a Gypsum based plaster. And because Limelite has just a 24-hour drying time you can in most cases decorate your newly plastered walls the following day.

The superior workability of Limelite products means they can be applied to any sound substrate as easily as conventional plasters. They can even be used on timber and lath walls, which still crop up in refurbishments after existing plaster layers have been hacked away.